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A happy, healthier 2023? Focus on sleep and ‘bio-individuality foods’ says expert

A happy, healthier 2023? Focus on sleep and ‘bio-individuality foods’ says expert

As the year 2023 rolls into view, embracing healthy lifestyles will once again be at the forefront of many people’s New Year resolutions.

From sleeping to eating, working out to maintaining a healthy weight, and staying away from stress, there is multitude of ways to feel healthier in the new year.

Luke Coutinho, a holistic lifestyle coach and author, spoke to Al Arabiya English about some of the lifestyle changes UAE residents should heed next year.

Create the ideal sleep environment

Most people are sick today because they are not sleeping well enough, said Coutinho.

“A lot has been spoken about the health benefits of sleep.”

“Research after research is establishing the link between chronic sleep deprivation and lifestyle diseases like - diabetes, high blood pressure, sudden cardiac arrests, depression, hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, obesity, cancer, and every single health condition that exists.

“And all of this is enough motivation for us to prioritize this very important phase in our day for prevention as well as recovery. In the new year, focus on getting sleep right, even if it means improving it by 15 minutes week on week.”


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