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Mohammed V University Wins Arab Government Excellence Award

Mohammed V University Wins Arab Government Excellence Award

Rabat - Mohammed V University in Rabat received the Arab Government Excellence Award for “the best Arab government project for educational development” on Thursday in Cairo, at the headquarters of the League of Arab States.

The university was recognized for its IT initiative to select candidates for PhD enrollment. Latifa Hafid, representative of the University at the ceremony, collected the award and thanked the Arab League, the UAE’s government, and the award’s overseers.

The university’s project was a system for managing pre-enrolment for PhD students, facilitating file processing for applicants and the university, and reducing the amount of paper documents needed in a push to protect the environment.

The project especially came into use during the COVID lockdowns, enabling candidates to go through the lengthy and complicated process without needing to visit different cities and administrations.

The system additionally makes data storage easier and more readily available for the use of the university, candidates, and other relevant authorities.

The Arab Government Excellence Award encompasses 15 individual and institutional categories given to the best Arab ministers and government workers, best institutions, and best projects.

According to the award’s website, it aims to “spread the culture of institutional excellence in Arab states,” and provide a platform for expertise and knowledge sharing between the region’s various governments and institutions.

It also aims to create “positive leadership thinking” in the region and to encourage improved administrative performance. 


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